How to Stay Employed in the Age of AI

MachineWatch is a weekly newsletter designed for working humans who want to stay relevant and employed in the age of AI.

"Extrapolating our estimates globally suggests that generative AI could expose the equivalent of 300 million full-time jobs to automation."

-March 2023 Goldman Sachs report

Artificial intelligence will impact all of our jobs in the near future, to varying degrees. So it's better to be informed than blindsided. That's the central idea behind MachineWatch, the AI newsletter for working humans!

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A Valuable Resource for Working Humans

MachineWatch is a weekly newsletter + blog that monitors the rapid and ongoing advancement of artificial intelligence, as it relates to the workplace. In doing so, it provides a valuable service for working humans around the world.

Every Tuesday (at 9:00 a.m. PST), you'll receive our latest newsletter, straight to your inbox. Each issue summarizes the latest advances in AI and how they are affecting the workplace. MachineWatch also provides useful and actionable advice on how to stay employed in the age of AI. You'll get insight from career coaches, HR professionals, tech leaders and more.

Here is some of what you'll receive each week:

  • The latest news about AI's disruption in the workforce

  • Data and statistics relating to AI job creation or job loss

  • Insight and commentary to help you connect the dots

  • Advice and strategies for staying employed in the AI era

  • The ability to participate in topical discussion threads

Stay informed. Stay relevant. Stay employed.

MachineWatch will help you check all three of these boxes.

Ad-Free, Objective and Independent

MachineWatch is a premium newsletter service. Subscribers pay $5 per month to receive the weekly newsletter, the full article archive, and the ability to participate in discussion threads.

It's also an ad-free environment. Charging a small subscription fee allows us to remain fully independent and objective, avoiding the influence of advertisers. Our mission is to serve our readers to the fullest extent possible—not to promote third-party products or ideas.

Meet the Publisher: Brandon Cornett

Hi, I'm Brandon, a freelance reporter and creator of MachineWatch.

For the past 16 years, I’ve worked as a financial writer and journalist, creating content for dozens of publications and clients within the real estate and financial sectors. (You can find thousands of my reports online, if you’re interested.)

I launched this newsletter in August of 2023 with one simple goal: to help people understand the effects of AI in the workplace and adapt accordingly.

I realized the need for this kind of resource about 10 months ago, when ChatGPT exploded onto the scene. It soon became clear that this generative AI was much more than a simple chatbot. Given the right input, it could produce original articles, essays, blog posts, ebooks—you name it.

As someone who writes for a living, I saw this as a threat.

So I began to experiment with ChatGPT and, to my relief, discovered that it couldn't produce content with the level of quality I could deliver. It churned out formulaic sentences with a machine-like cadence. It produced erroneous information that required endless fact-checking and correction.

But then “GPT-4” came out, the latest and greatest version of the program, and I saw the writing on the wall. This so-called chatbot was going to threaten a lot of creative jobs in the very near future.

(Just ask all of those striking actors and writers.)

I felt compelled to do something to help others navigate these turbulent times. After all, I had some skills that might be useful: researching, analyzing, reporting, explaining. I just needed somewhere to apply those skills.

And that’s how MachineWatch was born.

But It’s Not Just the Writing Jobs…

Of course, we now know it's not just the writing jobs that are vulnerable to AI automation. Artificial intelligence will soon affect every white-collar or office job around the globe, in one way or another.

This disruption will take many forms. You might have to learn new skills and use new tools to keep your current job, or find another job in a completely new field.

None of us are immune from this sea change.

Going forward, we will have to adapt a new mindset and a broader skillset to remain relevant and employed. We will have to learn how to thrive—and not just survive—in the age of AI.

MachineWatch will help you do it!

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Brandon Cornett

I'm a real estate market analyst from 9 to 5 and a speculative fiction writer before and after that. (It's a long story.) I have substacks dedicated to both of those things.